After publication of My Father The Spy (see books), many people contacted me with comments and reminiscences. One sent along these letters my father had written as a young intelligence officer during World War II.

Oct. 17, 1943 ” A large number of houses of prostitution are to be found, but they are all off limits to American troops. Army medical authorities are valiantly combating the very real dangers of widespread venereal disease.”

V-Mail, June 16, 1945 “Three weeks ago I drove to Venice through the Po Valley with a strange French girl whose story I will some day tell you. The next day I put her in prison …”

Over the years, various short fiction pieces have been published. The first appeared in the Spring 1988 issue of the University of Alabama’s literary magazine, The Black Warrior Review:

A Horizon of Clouds “They talked to me through an electric megaphone, They were going to indict me for the murder of thirteen dogs. Some cats were said to be missing too.”


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