Weimar America

Why Trump? Here’s a better question: Why is Bashar Assad still alive? With ISIS growing on Syria’s eastern border, refugees pouring into Europe and terrorism growing everywhere, wouldn’t assassination be the simplest solution?

I’m not going to johnsplain this one, but I will give a few hints. Don’t go looking for bad guys. Take a look at the peace settlements after WWI and The Economic Consequences of Peace. Look at the overthrow of Arbenz in Guatemala and the role of the United Fruit Company and the flow of Guatemalan refugees to the U.S. – and don’t just blame the UFC or the CIA because that’s too easy. Consider GW Bush’s transition from “shock and awe” to nation building. Take a look at the 28 pages of the 9-11 report on Saudi Arabia’s contacts with the 9-11 terrorists and ask why they were hidden for so long. Why is Assad still alive? Because it’s bad form for leaders to kill other leaders? Because they need to use up a lot of bombs? Too easy. Blaming it on “evil” will just lead to Trump after Trump till the end of time. Take the red pill. Pull the thread.

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